Cultivate Content with Confidence by Lindsey Hazel

Cultivate Content with Confidence

6 weeks to grow your online presence and become known in 2018.

A SIX WEEK GROUP PROGRAM TO GROW YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE... attracting the RIGHT people with your content, so you can get more customers.

Content marketing can seem overwhelming when you're working hard but not getting results... this group program will not only walk you through step-by-step how to cultivate content with confidence but will also help you get more comfortable with the tech side so you will have the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone and become known in 2018!

What's Included:

4 Modules + Video Training
4 Cultivate Content with Confidence Program Modules with Actionable Workbooks

LIVE Accountability Calls
6 LIVE Accountability Hour Calls with Lindsey to answer your questions and provide feedback

Private Community
Private Facebook community to get instant feedback from myself and other members.


Collaborative Systems Guide. (Value $97)
The 4 steps to follow to turn coffee dates into collaborations. (Swipe Files included.) Get started creating genuine relationships with people in your market who will help you become a referral magnet. Build a collaborative system that continues to bring in the right people to connect with.

Gain Camera Confidence for Your Videos in 5 Days. (Value $197)
5 simple video lessons and guide that will help you gain confidence for your videos so you are not overwhelmed by the tech side when you go on camera.

Membership to Cultivate Content with Confidence Private Facebook Community. (Value $997)
The Cultivate Content with Confidence Facebook community is a place to work through the live program with like-minded people. Every week I will post a prompt and you can get feedback on your business from your Cultivate Content with Confidence Colleagues.

Hey there, I’m Lindsey Hazel!

I'm the online educator behind I help business owners learn how to create video content with confidence.

I started creating and editing videos when I worked at my corporate job and now I love editing my own videos to share with you here.

In 2017, I started my YouTube channel and grew my views from 10 views a month to over 10,000 views a month with simple strategies that I list here. 

Creating videos doesn't have to be scary, I'm here to help guide you through the technical stuff! 

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 5 files Text Icon 13 text files


Welcome to the Course!
Start Here!
IMPORTANT INFO: How this course will work!
Module 1: Plan your Foundation
{ Module 1.1 } Plan Your Foundation VIDEO LESSON
13 mins
DOWNLOAD the Plan your Foundation Slides
13.6 MB
{ Module 1.2 } Three Ways to Find Content (Based on your existing content)
{Module 1 Workbook} Fillable PDF or Printable Workbook
45.7 KB
Module 2: Test Your Ideas
{Module 2.1} Test it out
{Module 2.2} How to Test your Content
{Module 2.3} Build your Confidence
{Module 2 Workbook} Fillable PDF or Printable Workbook
43.9 KB
Module 3: Master your Systems
{Module 3.1} Knowing which Social Media Platforms You Should Use
{Module 3.2} How to Repurpose your content so you can save time
{Module 3.3} How to create and use captions from videos and turn them into text
BONUS Lesson: Video Creation Mindset
3 mins
{Module 3 Workbook} Fillable PDF or Printable Workbook
51.2 KB
Module 4: Cultivate your Simplified Content Calendar
{Module 4.1} Cultivating Purposeful Content
{Module 4.2} How to plan out your content / editorial calendar
{Module 4.3} Scheduling tools that I recommend
Blank 3 month calendar for you to print and use. There is also an example page as well.
36.2 KB
LIVE Q+A Accountability Calls
Accountability Call Info
Jan 12th Accountability Call (VIDEO 78 min 30 sec)
(1h 18m 29s)
Jan 19th Accountability Call (VIDEO 67 min 23 sec)
(1h 07m 22s)
Jan 26th Accountability Call (VIDEO 50 min 10 sec)
51 mins
Feb 2nd Accountability Call [VIDEO 75 min 59 sec]
(1h 15m 59s)
Feb 9th Accountability Call (VIDEO 62 min 55 sec)
(1h 02m 54s)
Feb 16th Accountability Call (91 min 36 sec)
(1h 31m 35s)